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C9105AXI-K - Cisco Catalyst 9100 WiFi 6 APs

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

Giá: Liên hệ

Chi tiết: Cisco Catalyst 9105AX Indoor Access Point, Internal antenna; Wi-Fi 6; 2x2 MIMO with two spatial streams, K Domain

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Catalyst 9105 AXI

●  Cisco Unified Wireless Network Software Release 8.10.MR3 or later

●  Cisco IOS ® XE Software Release 17.3.1, or later

Supported wireless LAN controllers

●  Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controllers

●  Cisco 3504, 5520, and 8540 Wireless Controllers and Cisco Virtual Wireless Controller

802.11n version 2.0 (and related) capabilities

●  2x2 MIMO with two spatial streams

●  Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC)

●  802.11n and 802.11a/g

●  20- and 40-MHz channels

●  PHY data rates up to 444.4 Mbps (40 MHz with 5 GHz and 20 MHz with 2.4 GHz)

●  Packet aggregation: Aggregate MAC Protocol Data Unit (A-MPDU) (transmit and receive), Aggregate MAC Service Data Unit (A-MSDU) (transmit and receive)

●  802.11 Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)

●  Cyclic Shift Diversity (CSD) support


●  2x2 downlink MU-MIMO with two spatial streams

●  MRC

●  802.11ac beamforming

●  20-, 40-, 80- MHz channels

●  PHY data rates up to 866.7 Mbps (80 MHz with 5GHz)

●  Packet aggregation: A-MPDU (transmit and receive), A-MSDU (transmit and receive)

●  802.11 DFS

●  CSD support

●  WPA3 support


●  2x2 uplink/downlink MU-MIMO with two spatial streams

●  Uplink/downlink OFDMA

●  TWT

●  BSS coloring

●  MRC

●  802.11ax beamforming

●  20-, 40-, 80- channels

●  PHY data rates up to 1.488 Gbps (80 MHz with 5 GHz and 20 MHz with 2.4 GHz)

●  Packet aggregation: A-MPDU (transmit and receive), A-MSDU (transmit and receive)

●  802.11 DFS

●  CSD support

●  WPA3 support

Integrated antenna

Catalyst 9105AXI

●  2.4 GHz: Peak gain 4 dBi, internal antenna, omnidirectional in azimuth

●  5 GHz: Peak gain 5 dBi, internal antenna, omnidirectional in azimuth


Catalyst 9105AXI

●  1x 10/100/1000 Base-T (Ethernet) Uplink Interface

●  Management console port (RJ-45)


●  Status LED indicates boot loader status, association status, operating status, boot loader warnings, and boot loader errors

(W x L x H)

●  Access point (without mounting brackets):

◦    C9105AXI: 5.9 x 5.9 x 1.18 in. (150 x 150 x 30 mm)

Tổng quan

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)

The IEEE 802.11ax emerging standard, also known as High-Efficiency Wireless (HEW) or Wi-Fi 6, builds on 802.11ac. It delivers a better experience in typical environments with more predictable performance for advanced applications such as 4K or 8K video, high-density, high-definition collaboration apps, all-wireless offices, and IoT. Wi-Fi 6 is designed to use both the 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz bands, unlike the 802.11ac standard.

Uplink/downlink OFDMA

OFDMA-based scheduling splits the bandwidth into smaller frequency allocations called Resource Units (RUs), which can be assigned to individual clients in both the downlink and uplink directions to reduce overhead and latency.

Downlink MU‑MIMO technology

Supporting two spatial streams, MU-MIMO enables access points to split spatial streams between client devices to maximize throughput.

BSS coloring

Spatial reuse (also known as Basic Service Set [BSS] coloring) allows the access points and their clients to differentiate between BSSs, thus permitting more simultaneous transmissions.

Target Wake Time

A new power-saving mode called Target Wake Time (TWT) allows the client to stay asleep and to wake up only at prescheduled (target) times to exchange data with the access point. This offers significant energy savings for battery-operated devices, up to 3x to 4x the savings achieved by 802.11n and 802.11ac.

Intelligent Capture

Intelligent Capture probes the network and provides Cisco DNA Center with deep analysis. The software can track more than 240 anomalies and instantaneously review all packets on demand, emulating the onsite network administrator. Intelligent Capture allows for more informed decisions on your wireless networks.

Bluetooth 5

Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5 radio enables location-based use cases such as asset tracking, way finding or analytics.

Container support for applications

Container support enables edge computing capabilities for IoT applications on the host access point.

Apple features

Apple and Cisco have partnered to create an optimal mobile experience for iOS devices on corporate networks based on Cisco technologies. Using new features in Apple iOS, in combination with the latest software and hardware from Cisco, businesses can now more effectively use their network infrastructure to deliver an enhanced user experience across all business applications.

At the center of the collaboration is a unique handshake between the Cisco WLAN and Apple devices. This handshake enables the Cisco WLAN to provide an optimal Wi-Fi roaming experience to Apple devices. Additionally, the Cisco WLAN trusts Apple devices and gives priority treatment for business-critical applications specified by the Apple device. This feature is also known as Fast Lane.

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