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CS-DESK-K9 - Cisco Webex Desk

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

Giá: Liên hệ

Chi tiết: The Webex Desk is the award-winning collaboration and productivity device for your desk—at home or in the office. Meet, work, and co-create on a 24-inch, 1080p interactive display.

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CS-DESK-K9 - Cisco Webex Desk



Software compatibility

●  RoomOS 10 or later


●  Temperature (experimental) for Control Hub analytics reporting
●  Humidity (experimental) for Control Hub analytics reporting

Multipoint support

●  4-way embedded SIP/H.323 conferencing capability with MultiSite option

MultiSite features (embedded multipoint)*

●  Adaptive SIP/H.323 MultiSite:

◦      3-way resolution up to 1080p30 + content up to 1080p15

◦      4-way resolution up to 720p30 + content up to 1080p15

●  Full individual audio and video transcoding
●  H.323/SIP/VoIP in the same conference
●  Support for presentation (H.239/BFCP) from any participant at resolutions up to 3840 x 2160p5
●  Best impression (automatic continuous presence layouts)
●  Encryption and dual steam from any site

Default components in Webex Desk

●  Webex Desk
●  Desk Stand
●  Network cable 3m/118 in
●  USB-C cable for USB passthrough feature, 1.8 m/70.8 in
●  Power supply for Webex Desk

Optional hardware components

●  Replaceable metal speaker grille
●  Stylus kit
●  Wall mount


●  24-inch LCD monitor
●  1080p resolution (16:9)
●  High-contrast VA LED panel
●  Contrast ratio: 1000:1 (typical)
●  Viewing angle: +/- 89° (typical)
●  Brightness: 300 cd/m2 color depth 16.7M colors
●  Color gamut: 72% NTSC (95% sRGB)

User interface

●  Projected capacitive touch
●  Multi-touch

Supported PC resolutions

●  1080p60


●  64° horizontal field of view, 50° vertical field of view
●  f/2.0 aperture
●  8MP image sensor, supports up to 30 fps
●  1/3.2-inch CMOS
●  Automatic tilt adjustment
●  Automatic focus, brightness, and white balance
●  Focus distance: 10 cm to infinity
●  Privacy shutter with LED light

Video standards

●  H.263, H.264 AVC

Video inputs

●  USB-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode up to 1920x1080p60
●  HDMI 2.0 type A input supports formats up to 1920x1080p60

Encode and decode

●  Video stream: full HD 1080p30
●  Content stream: 1080p60
●  Up to 4K content decode from Webex

Audio standards

●  G.711, G.722, G.722.1, G.729, AAC-LD, and Opus

Audio features

●  High-quality full-band audio
●  Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
●  AI-powered noise removal
●  Active lip synchronization
●  Focused microphone pickup
●  Music mode

Audio inputs

●  Dynamic four-microphone array
●  Audio in from HDMI
●  Audio in from DisplayPort over USB-C
●  USB
●  Bluetooth ®

Audio outputs (external)

●  USB headset
●  Bluetooth ® headset

Loudspeaker (integrated)

●  Premium full-range centre speaker with passive bass radiators for extended low-frequency output.
●  Frequency range: 80 Hz to 20 kHz


●  Ability to provide the following over one USB-C cable to a connected computer
●  Extension of display (1920x1080@60fps) (computer must support Alt-mode DisplayPort)
●  Touch redirect capabilities on supported operating systems (available post-First Customer Ship [FCS])
●  Use desk camera, microphone, and speakers with any software client


●  Rated: 70W maximum
●  Networked standby power consumption: 7.5W maximum

Network standby

●  After 2 minutes idle (without any interaction): Halfwake
●  After 10 minutes idle: Standby, level: DisplayOff
●  After 12 minutes idle: Standby, level: Networked

Other USB 2.0 ports

●  One standard type-A port enables headsets and handset use
●  One Micro B USB port is intended for service only

Operating temperature and humidity

●  0°C to 35°C (32°F to 104 °F) ambient temperature
●  20% to 90% Relative Humidity (RH)

Storage and transport temperature

●  -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140 °F) at RH 10% to 90% (noncondensing)


●  Width: 56.5 cm (22.2 in.)
●  Height: 47.4 cm (18.7 in.)
●  Depth: 7.0 cm (2.8 in.)
●  Weight: 8.7 kg (19.2 lb.)
●  Packaged size: 72.4x20x69.5 cm (28.5x7.9x27.4)
●  Packaged weight: 12.72 kg (28.043 lb)

Peripherals supported

●  USB headset
●  Bluetooth ® headset (wideband)

Wireless sharing

●  Webex App
●  Webex Meetings

Embedded encryption

●  Support Webex Encryption, end to end
●  H.323 and SIP point-to-point
●  Standards-based: H.235 v3 and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
●  Automatic key generation and exchange

Approvals and compliance

●  Directive 2014/53/EU (Radio Equipment Directive) for the radio versions
●  Directive 2014/30/EU (EMC Directive) for the non-radio versions
●  Directive 2014/35/EU (Low-Voltage Directive) for the non-radio versions
●  Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS)
●  Directive 2002/96/EU (WEEE)
●  NRTL approved (product safety)
●  FCC CFR 47 Part 15B (EMC) – Class B
●  FCC CFR 47 Part 15C (RF)
●  FCC Listed (radio equipment)

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