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Cisco WS-C3650-24PS-S

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  • Mã sản phẩm: WS-C3650-24PS-S
  • Loại sản phẩm: Switch Cisco

Switch Cisco WS-C3650-24PS-S Catalyst 3650 24 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports  - 4x1G SFP uplinks- Layer 3 - POE - IP Base IOS - managed

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WS-C3650-24PS-S Specification

Cisco catalyst 3650-24PS-S    
Model info: WS-C3650-24PS-S  
Enclosure type Rack-mountable - 1U  
Ports 24 x 10/100/1000 (POE+) + 4 x 1G SFP  
Network management Interface ● Ethernet management port: RJ-45 connectors, 4-pair Cat-5 UTP cabling
● Management console port: RJ-45-to-DB9 cable for PC connections
Available PoE Power 390w  
Switching Capacity 88Gbps  
Maximum stacking number 9  
Stack Bandwidth 160Gbps  
Forwarding Performance 41.66Mpps  
FNF entries 24000  
Maximum VLANs IDs 4,094  
MAC Address Table Size 32K  
CPU Multicore CPU  
RAM 4 G   
Flash Memory 2 G  
Number of AP per switch/stack 25  
Number of wireless clients per switch/stack 1000  
Total number of WLANs per switch 64  
Wireless bandwidth per switch up to 20Gbps   
Supported Aironet AP series 3700, 3600, 3500, 2600, 1600, 1260, 1140, 1040  
Expansion / Connectivity    
Console ports USB (Type-B), Ethernet (RJ-45)  
Expansion Slot(s)  power redundant slot  
Accessory & Rack Moubt Kits ●ACC-KIT-T1: Accessory kit
●RACK-KIT-T1: Rack mount kit
●4PT-KIT-T1:Extension rails and brackets for four-point mounting
Stacking module & cable ●C3650-STACK-KIT: Stack Module 
●STACK-T2-50CM: StackWise-160 stacking cable with a 0.5 m length
●STACK-T2-1M: StackWise-160 stacking cable with a 1.0 m length
●STACK-T2-3M: StackWise-160 stacking cable with a 3.0 m length
Power supply PWR-C2-640WAC  
Power Device Power supply - redundant - plug-in module  
Power Redundancy optional  
Voltage range (Auto) 100V-240V  
Power Consumption of standalone (in Watts) 65.9 (max)  
Width 17.5 Inches (44.5 Cm)  
Depth 17.625 Inches (44.5 Cm)  
Height 1.73 Inches (4.4 Cm)  
Weight 16 Pounds (7.26Kg)  
Rack Mounting Kit optional  
 MTBF in hours 528,280  
Compliant Standards ● IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protoco
● IEEE 802.1p CoS Prioritization
● IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
● IEEE 802.1s
● IEEE 802.1w
● IEEE 802.1X
● IEEE 802.1X-Rev
●IEEE 802.11
● IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP)
● IEEE 802.3ad
● IEEE 802.3x full duplex on 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T ports
● IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T
● IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX
● IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T
● IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-X
● RMON I and II standards
● SNMP v1, v2c, and v3
System software / license    
System software IOS IP Base (Upgradable)  
EnergyWise license ENERGY-MGMT, ENERGY-MGT-100-K9  
Software license ●C3650-24-S-E: IP Base to IP Services RTU paper license
●L-C3650-24-S-E: IP Base to IP Services RTU electronic license
Access Point Licenses ●L-LIC-CT3650-UPG: Primary upgrade license SKU for Cisco 3650 wireless controller (e-delivery)
●L-LIC-CTIOS-1A: 1 access point adder license for Cisco IOS Software based wireless controller (e-delivery)
●L-LIC-CTIOS-1A: 1 access point adder license for Cisco IOS Software based wireless controller (e-delivery)
●LIC-CTIOS-1A: 1 access point adder license for the Cisco IOS Software based wireless controller (paper license)
features ●RPS Support ● Jumbo Frames ● VLANS ●Voice Vlan ●VTPv2 ●CDPv2 ●LLDP ● 802.3ad LACP and PAgP ● PVST/PVST+ ● 802.1W/802.1S ●Port Fast/Uplink Fast  ●Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) ● port CoS Trust and Override ● Trusted Boundary ● ACL Classification ●ingress Policing ● Auto QoS ● Per VLAN policies ● 802.1p queues ● Scheduling ● Priority Queuing ● Configure CoS Priority Queues ●Configure CoS Priority Queues ●Configure Queue Weights ● Configure Buffers and Thresholds ●Class & Policy Maps ● Modify CoS and DSCP Mapping ● Weighted Tail Drop ●IGMPv1,v2,v3 and MLDv1, v2 ● DHCP server ● DSCP transparency ●HSRP, VRRP ● RIPv1, v2 EIGRP stub, PIM stub, OSPF stub ● IPV6 management  
Advanced Network security ● Port security ● DHCP snooping ●Dynamic ARP inspection (DAI) ● IP source guard ●The Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (uRPF) 
● Bidirectional data support on a SPAN ● User authentication
● Private VLAN  ●Router and VLAN ACLs  ● complete identity and security
● Multidomain authentication ● MAC address notification 
● IGMP filtering ● Cisco security VLAN ACL 
● Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol, Kerberos, and Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3 (SNMPv3) 
● Port-based ACLs ● TrustSec SXP ● IEEE 802.1ae
● TACACS+ and RADIUS authentication ● Cisco standard and extended IP security router ACLs
●  Bridge protocol data unit (BPDU) Guard 
● Spanning Tree Root Guard (STRG) ● Wireless end-to-end security